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Knowledge Protocol. Daily curated links from the space of blockchain, bitcoin, tokens, cryptocurrencies and protocols. No news, no bullshit, deep knowledge only.

We believe.

Cryptocurrencies will never be most valuable assets around. Time was, is and will be. The second one is knowledge.

Cryptocurrencies and underlying technologies like blockchain and smart contracts will redefine reality, change in profound way economies, human interactions and lives.

The problem.

We are experiencing a crisis of information quality. We believe it is one of the most important problems to solve in today's internet. Cryptocurrencies’ space is especially prone to that - novelty, the speed of change, and monetary incentives are main reasons this space if full of low-quality content, misinformation and scams. We are here to change that.

We do.

We are aiming to build a deep understanding of reality in the space of blockchain, bitcoin, tokens, cryptocurrencies and protocols. We read hundreds of articles so you don’t need to.

We serve highly curated links to articles, videos and podcast. A few pieces a day. Every day.


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