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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts about Bitcoin.

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An Honest Explanation of Price, Hashrate & Bitcoin Mining Network Dynamics

"This first is part ‘TL;DR’; part commentary on recent events; and part in-depth explanation of terms, methodology and the concept of Bitcoin creation costs."

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What do you legally “own” with Bitcoin? A short introduction to krypto-property

“Ownership” is more than mere control; it is a legal concept and law is a local phenomenon. Accordingly, when you ask yourself whether and how something is owned, it’s generally a safe assumption to begin, in the first instance, by looking at the governing law of the asset and asking what that governing law says.'

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The Tokenization of Real Estate

"Real estate is being tokenized. Property owners can issue blockchain-based tokens, which represent shares in an asset. Investors can buy such tokens and become fractional owners of the underlying asset. They then participate in the asset's appreciation and cash flows."

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Difficulty Adjustment Is Why Bitcoin Will Never Die

"But that’s not how bitcoin works, thanks to one of the many strokes of genius baked into its fundamental design: difficulty adjustment. The bottom-line explanation of difficulty adjustment is that every time a mining rig is shut down, the bitcoin protocol increases the incentive for other miners to stay online. It’s as if every time a Sears shut down, all the remaining stores became more profitable."

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A Beginners Guide: Cryptocurrency

"So, you’ve decided to learn about cryptocurrency. Well done! Prepare to journey down the rabbit hole and discover the potential of this truly amazing technology. With time you will begin to understand the intricacies of consensus mechanisms, blockchain types, side chains, plasma chains, valuation methods and more. However, for today, lets just focus on understanding the difference between a coin and a token and analyse the different types of available tokens in the market."

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The Business of Bitcoin Cold Storage

"Vaults storing bitcoin private keys have been around for years, but Fidelity recently set an asset management industry precedent that will redefine bitcoin’s custodial infrastructure landscape."

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Bitcoin’s Existential Crisis

"Cryptocurrencies lack leaders — they have no single source of truth. Philosophically, this can get complicated."

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No, Bitcoin won't destroy our climate by 2033

"A new study predicts that a sharp increase in energy-hungry Bitcoin use will cause a surge in emissions of greenhouse gases, potentially dooming the world to an amount of global warming that would exceed the targets set under the Paris Climate Agreement."

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Bitcoin: Utopia vs Reality

"If you listen to some fervent bitcoin advocates you might hear some pretty utopian thinking. Bitcoin will end the banking industry. Bitcoin will stop wars. Bitcoin will end governments. In this post I examine utopian thinking versus likely realities."

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Planting Bitcoin — Soil (3/4)

"In this article, I cover the Cypherpunks or the “Soil” in which he planted the Bitcoin seed giving it the best chance for survival."

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Planting Bitcoin — Gardening (4/4)

"Satoshi’s design of Bitcoin’s genetic code made it the best species of money ever created, he waited for exactly the right moment to plant the seed, and had planted it in the most fertile soil. Now it was time to nurture Bitcoin’s development."

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Planting Bitcoin — Species (1/4)

"Bitcoin’s origin is akin to planting a tree. It wasn’t just Satoshi’s selection of the species (code), but the season (timing), soil (distribution), and gardening (community) that were essential to its success. It had to grow to be strong, mighty, and huge. It had to survive droughts, storms, and predators. Its deep roots had to support the weight of becoming a new world reserve currency."

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Planting Bitcoin — Season (2/4)

"In this article, I will dive into the moment in which Satoshi precisely chose to plant the Bitcoin seed."

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Bitcoin: Money as language & the multi-currency future

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What's Really Driving the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon?

"we ask: what is the larger socio-economic impact of systems like Bitcoin, and who benefits?"

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How can Bitcoin stabilize if it's a Keynesian Beauty Contest?

"What is a Keynesian Beauty Contest? When does it stabilize and when does it not? And how does it play a role in and out of crypto."

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Why I am so disillusioned with Crypto: Arguing for a Change in Mindset

"Today, I want to write up a few thoughts on what bothers me in crypto at the moment and why the siren songs that are painting regulation in a negative light are wrong — you are hurting yourself as a small investor by listening to them."

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Bitcoin NVT Rartion Chart

"NVT Ratio (Network Value to Transactions Ratio) is similar to the PE Ratio used in equity markets."

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