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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts connected to programming in cryptocurrency space.

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What is the Ethereum Virtual Machine?

An Overview of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

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Bitcoin Hash Functions Explained

Bitcoin hash functions explained with python code examples.

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A Quick Introduction: Hashing

"Hashing is a method of determining the equivalence of two chunks of data. A cryptographic hash function is an irreversible function that generates a unique string for any set of data. Examples of these data could be files, strings, streams, and any other items that can be represented in binary format."

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Lessons learned from making a Chess game for Ethereum

The author shares challenges of implementing apps on the blockchain.

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Understanding Decentralized Exchanges

An explanation of the 0x and the Ether Delta. Technical.

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How to Secure Your Smart Contracts: 6 Solidity Vulnerabilities and how to avoid them (Part 1)

"In a potential future where whole organizations are governed by smart contract code, there is an immense need for proper security"

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Ethereum Smart Contract Security Best Practices

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