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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts about DAPPs.

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Cool Things Built Atop Augur: A 5 Minute Guide

"Augur has been out in the wild for less than 100 days, but talented devs around the world have already started building cool things on top of it."

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How Dapps Work in 2018 ~ "Dawn of the Dapps"

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A Visual Way to Understand the Pros and Cons of a Decentralized Exchange

"This is a short and no way comprehensive analysis on the pros and cons of centralized versus decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. By the end you should have enough information to figure out which is for you — or at least be the new “expert” on centralized exchanges around the water cooler."

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The Myth of The Infrastructure Phase

"Our hypothesis is that this is not actually how things play out. We are not in an infrastructure phase, but rather in another turn of the apps-infrastructure cycle. And in fact, the history of new technologies shows that apps beget infrastructure, not the other way around. It’s not that first we build all the infrastructure, and once we have the infrastructure we need, we begin to build apps. It’s exactly the opposite."

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The Disruptability Index

"8 Risk Factors Determining Internet Giants’ Vulnerability to Decentralization"

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Professional Đapp Architecture

"In this article, I will be explaining a foundational architecture that I advise to many of the businesses in the space due to its simplicity, modularity, and platform agnosticism."

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Ethereum vs. EOS

"There are hardly any other cryptocurrencies with a rivalry as tense as Ethereum and EOS. Coming in as the number one and number two decentralized app (dapp) platforms by market cap size, both cryptocurrencies polarize crypto enthusiasts as to their preference."

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Designing a decentralized profile dApp

The article about design (UI/UX) process of creating DAPP.

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What is 0x?

"0x is a protocol for the decentralized trading of assets on Ethereum. 0x's most appealing property is its use of off-chain order relay and on-chain settlement. Off-chain order relay allows orders to be created cheaply - users don't have to post a transaction on the blockchain, they just need to sign an order with their private key. Only when the order is executed is the blockchain involved. Because order books contain low value and high volume information, the offloading of the order book from the blockchain makes sense and will make any decentralized exchange built on 0x not only cheap to use, but highly efficient."

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Ðapp User Experience Audit

“Here’s a review of five “decentralized applications” running on Status Beta on the Ethereum mainnet. We identified guidelines for good experiences that most (all?) Ethereum Ðapps should follow in the summer of 2018, and made some recommendations for further improving the usability of the ecosystem.”

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Ethereum Will Be the Backbone of the New Internet

“In this article, I’ll explain the reasons why we think Ethereum has already won the race to become the foundation of Web 3.0, and will become the fundamental base layer that all major DApp platforms will choose to build on top of in the future.”

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Making Sense of Web 3

"This article attempts to explain the web 3 vision in clear, simple terms. We discuss the core animating idea behind the many projects that form web 3, and survey three key trends."

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6 principles for designing blockchain apps for non-technical users

“A case study using one of the Consensus ’18 hackathon-winning dApps”

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GDPR and the Blocknet

The analysis of the blockchain decentralized applications.

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Infrastructure Matters

The author explains why crypto infrastructure matters.

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RE: Cost of Mining Misconceptions

The article debunks some of the exaggerated claims about energy consumption and climate impact of the Bitcoin mining.

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Decentralized Credit Scoring

The analysis of the decentralized credit scoring space.

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Nature 2.0

"This article is a possible vision of the future. A hopeful one. It combines and extends AI * blockchain into a symbiosis of biology and machine, for a future of abundance."

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