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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts about Decentralization in cryptocurrency space.

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The Long Game in Crypto: Why Decentralization Matters

The higher-level perspective on the importance of decentralization.

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Token Summit II - Understanding Decentralized Exchange

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A Brief Overview of dApp Development

A broad picture of decentralized apps landscape and development ecosystem (languages, tools and platforms described).

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Digital Collectibles and the Weird Future of “Digibles”

The article on blockchain-based digital collectables and Digibles project itself.

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Quantifying Decentralization

The post explains ways of quantifying decentralization (minimum Nakamoto coefficient ). Highly technical.

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The Meaning of Decentralization

Vitalik Buterin explains architectural, political and logical types of decentralization. He digs into three reasons for decentralisation: fault tolerance, stack resistance and collision resistance.

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The Slow Death of the Firm

Why bitcoin may be the end of the firm and the beginning of the decentralized organization.

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Crypto tokens: A breakthrough in open network design

Chris Dixon on history and benefits of crypto tokens, open networks.

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Why Decentralization Matters

Chris Dixon on decentralization, cryptonetworks and the internet.

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Beyond the bitcoin bubble

A long, beginner-friendly, introductory text - nearly as broad as long, tackling bigger picture about the internet itself and closed networks.

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