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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts about Crypto Exchanges.

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Detailed Report Into The Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry (From CryptoCompare)

Abstract: We present an in depth report into the cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem. The market is broken down by almost all the possible characteristics (Exchange type, exchange region and trading pairs). The robustness and authenticity of exchanges are evaluated using metrics such as web traffic, average trade sizes, order book depth, security polices and price reliability. The report was produced by CryptoCompare and uses the CryptoCompare’s Aggregate Pricing Index (the CCCAGG), for much of the analysis.

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Trustless Market Orders

“With the advent of the decentralized economy, we are seeing a wide array of trustless trading platforms like DEX’s, bulletin boards, and relayers that allow wallet-to-wallet trading through the use of cryptographically-signed orders. These orders express the willingness to swap some fixed amount of one token for a fixed amount of another.”

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The ecosystem of Decentralized Exchanges

The deep analysis of the cryptocurrency Decentralized Exchanges. Exchanges, Peer-to-peer Trading, Dark Pool Exchanges, Open Protocols for Decentralized Exchanges analyzed.

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Volumes on Most Major Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Fake or Inflated: Study

"Earlier this month, cryptocurrency trader Sylvain Ribes investigated into the volumes of most small-scale cryptocurrencies and discovered that the trading volume of OKEx, the fourth largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, is mostly inflated."

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Token Summit II - Understanding Decentralized Exchange

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Cryptocurrency Exchanges Can Be Pretty Sketchy Places. The Solution? A Blockchain, of Course

A beginner-friendly introduction to the decentralized exchanges from MIT Technology Review.

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A beginner’s guide to 0x

An introduction to 0x - “an open protocol for decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain.”

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A comprehensive list of decentralized exchanges (DEX) of cryptocurrencies, tokens, derivatives and futures, and their protocols.

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Understanding Decentralized Exchanges

An explanation of the 0x and the Ether Delta. Technical.

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State of Decentralized Exchanges, 2018

The author goes through a centralised exchanges' disadvantages, list available DEXes and intermediate exchanges.

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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Explained

"The purpose of this post is to introduce the basic concepts of mechanism design, and give a taste for their usefulness in the cryptocurrency world. If you’re working on a blockchain protocol or application, this will ideally provide you with some introductory resources for accessing the literature of mechanism design."

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