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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts about Privacy in cryptocurrency space.

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Edward Snowden Explains Blockchain to His Lawyer — and the Rest of Us

"What follows is a very lightly edited transcript of one of our chats. In it, Ed attempts to explain “blockchain” to me, despite my best efforts to cling to my own ignorance."

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"The Cypherpunks have existed since September, 1992. In that time, a vast amount has been written on cryptography, key escrow, Clipper, the Net, the Information Superhighway, cyber terrorists, and crypto anarchy. We have found ourselves (or _placed_ ourselves) at the center of the storm."

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The Case For Privacy

Privacy includes the ability to keep things secret from the government.

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Blockchain Governance: Busting the Myths of Decentralization, Trustlessness and Anonymity

"Recently I gave a presentation in Chiang Mai, Thailand on “blockchain governance” and made the argument that there exists an acceptable threshold of centralization, trust and strong identity required to achieve an environment where on-chain governance can exist and thrive. In some circles, especially within Bitcoin, introducing any of these 3 qualities results in a perceived net negative value proposition, which I don’t believe is true."

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The Elephant in the Room: Security and Privacy Protocols in Security Tokens

"When comes to security tokens, security and privacy protocols are not only a technically challenging and often intimidating subject but also one that can challenge the current foundation of crypto-securities. From all the aspects missing in the current generation of security token architectures, security and privacy are the ones I feel can break the premise of the entire ecosystem."

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Privacy in Cryptocurrencies: An Overview

"To be a more informed developer, investor, or participant in cryptocurrencies, it is important to understand what privacy actually means in a cryptoeconomic system. We wrote this post to share our perspective on this skill."

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Battle of the Privacycoins: Zcash Is Groundbreaking (If You Trust It)

"The origins of Zcash (ZEC) can be traced back to Zerocoin, which was first proposed in 2013 by Johns Hopkins University professor Matthew D. Green and his graduate students Ian Miers and Christina Garman. Zerocoin was designed as a privacy-enhancing protocol extension for Bitcoin to let users “burn” coins and bring an equal amount back into circulation later. Although transaction amounts could be a giveaway, there’d be no way to link the “new” coins to the burned coins otherwise."

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An Empirical Analysis of Anonymity in Zcash

"In this paper, we examine the extent to which anonymity is achieved in the deployed version of Zcash."

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Bitcoin as a Privacycoin: This Tech is Making Bitcoin More Private

"spying on Bitcoin users is becoming increasingly difficult. Recent months in particular saw the introduction of a number of promising, privacy-enhancing technologies, and several more solutions should be released throughout the rest of the year or the next."

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Introduction to Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts

Trusted Execution Environments (TEE); Secure Multi-party Computation (sMPC); Zero-knowledge Proofs (ZKP).

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An Overview of Privacy in Cryptocurrencies

"In this piece we’ll cover the latest experimentation and research in four areas of the privacy landscape: 1) privacy coins, 2) smart contract privacy, 3) privacy infrastructure, and 4) privacy research."

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Efficient Zero-Knowledge Range Proofs in Ethereum


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zkSNARKs in a nutshell

"The possibilities of zkSNARKs are impressive, you can verify the correctness of computations without having to execute them and you will not even learn what was executed - just that it was done correctly. Unfortunately, most explanations of zkSNARKs resort to hand-waving at some point and thus they remain something “magical”, suggesting that only the most enlightened actually understand how and why (and if?) they work. The reality is that zkSNARKs can be reduced to four simple techniques and this blog post aims to explain them. Anyone who can understand how the RSA cryptosystem works, should also get a pretty good understanding of currently employed zkSNARKs. Let’s see if it will achieve its goal!"

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Privacy Revolution: How Blockchain Is Reshaping Our Economy

The Forbe's piece on benefits of blockchain's privacy.

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Bitcoin and the Rise of the Cypherpunks

"While many of the innovations in the space are new, they're built on decades of work that led to this point. By tracing this history, we can understand the motivations behind the movement that spawned bitcoin and share its vision for the future."

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(Very) Basic Elliptic Curve Cryptography

“ECC is a way to encrypt data so that only specific people can decrypt it. This has several obvious real life use cases, but the main usage is in encrypting internet data and traffic. For instance, ECC can be used to ensure that when an email is sent, no one but the recipient can read the message.”

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Privacy Is Vital to Crypto – And the Global Economy

The article explores the argument that privacy is vital not only to cryptocurrencies but the whole economy.

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