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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts about blockchain and cryptocurrency Protocols.

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Wavelet: A decentralized, asynchronous, general-purpose proof-of-stakeledger that scales against powerful, adaptive adversaries

"Wavelet introduces a novel family of directed-acyclic-graph (DAG)-based consensus protocols. It is designed to alleviate the numerous scalability dilemmas predicated in decentralized ledgers, such as those that utilize either the longest chain rule, or some variant of stake delegation or committee election scheme."

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Becoming Decentralized Enough: The Case For DAOs

"In this article, I discuss why DeFi protocols will eventually need to decide between delegating control to a DAO to become truly decentralized or clearly forming into a centralized business that facilitates non-custodial financial services on public blockchains. Each of the two options could be a valid and sustainable model with different trade-offs and goals."

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Randomness in blockchain protocols

"We have published today a short paper that describes the randomness beacon that is used in NEAR Protocol. In this accompanying blog post we discuss why randomness is important, why it is hard, and how it is addressed in other protocols."

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Swarm — Distributed Pre-Image Archive (DPA)

"Today, we’ll look at the DPA layer of Swarm, which is responsible for parcellating files into chunks and putting them back together, along with encrypting & decrypting them. In this blog, I will try to depict these four functionalities and the inner workings of the DPA. The image below shows where the DPA fits in the Swarm architecture."

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Cantor was Wrong: debunking the infinite set hierarchy

"A common strand of mathematics argues that, rather than being one single kind of infinity, there are actually an infinite hierarchy of different levels of infinity."

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The Fall of Certificate Authorities and The Rise of Handshake

"Certificate Authorities have been a central part of maintaining DNS and the internet since their inception, and have played a significant role in keeping the internet secure."

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Sidechains vs Plasma vs Sharding

"Given this fundamental similarity, why go with one approach over the others?"

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Overview of Layer 2 approaches: Plasma, State Channels, Side Chains, Roll Ups

"The core idea behind any Layer 2 solution is that it allows several parties to securely interact in some way without issuing transaction on the main chain (which is the Layer 1), but still to some extent leveraging the security of the main chain as the arbitrator."

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What is “Bitcoin halving” & its potential of powering an extended bull run into 2020–21?

"Bitcoin & Litecoin are both headed for halving, which could propel these Cryptos to Parabolic highs"

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MPC Explained: The Bold New Vision for Securing Crypto Money

"Now, some big strides in another hugely important field of cryptography – secure multiparty computation, or MPC – point to a potential Holy Grail situation of both usability and security in a decentralized system."

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The Spacemesh Consensus Protocol

"This 3-part blog post is intended for a technical audience who would like to understand the Spacemesh consensus protocol. It includes the motivation for the protocol and provides a high level informal protocol overview."

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Understanding (and Mitigating) Re-Orgs

"Unfortunately the importance of this innovation is exceeded only by woeful misunderstanding of how PoW works. This article seeks to clarify how they happen, when they negatively affect payment recipients (they rarely do), deterring double spends, and whether re-orgs are a Good Thing™."

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Understanding the Generalized Plasma Architecture

"This post goes into more detail about the architecture for those who are interested in how things work under the hood."

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Rewriting History: A Brief Introduction to Long Range Attacks

"One of the greatest threats against Proof of Stake protocols is Long Range attacks. Due to the existence of Weak Subjectivity and Costless Simulation, these attacks are more dangerous than in Proof of Work protocols."

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The History of Lightning: From Brainstorm to Beta

"As such, the Lightning Network, the long-awaited Bitcoin overlay network for cheap and instant transactions, is by many of its developers considered safe enough to use on Bitcoin’s mainnet: a major milestone for the technology that has been years in the making. This is the story so far."

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How to Open a MakerDAO CDP and Earn Interest on Compound—A Walkthrough Guide

"How to use decentralize finance protocols to increase interest from your cryptoasset holdings."

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Explaining of ERC-721o

"Recently we have released our open source proposal for a derivative token standard: ERC-721o. In this article, we explain the standard for non-financial people and also will explain why derivatives are such a large and interesting market."

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5 Differences between Cosmos & Polkadot

"Although there are many posts explaining and highlighting the differences between the two, I believe most “Cosmos vs Polkadot” posts today are either biased or lack nuance. This blog post is an attempt to create a deeper discussion about the two projects, from architectural trade-offs to philosophical differences."

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