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Links to the best articles, videos and podcasts about blockchain and cryptocurrency Protocols.

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Understanding (and Mitigating) Re-Orgs

"Unfortunately the importance of this innovation is exceeded only by woeful misunderstanding of how PoW works. This article seeks to clarify how they happen, when they negatively affect payment recipients (they rarely do), deterring double spends, and whether re-orgs are a Good Thing™."

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Understanding the Generalized Plasma Architecture

"This post goes into more detail about the architecture for those who are interested in how things work under the hood."

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Rewriting History: A Brief Introduction to Long Range Attacks

"One of the greatest threats against Proof of Stake protocols is Long Range attacks. Due to the existence of Weak Subjectivity and Costless Simulation, these attacks are more dangerous than in Proof of Work protocols."

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The History of Lightning: From Brainstorm to Beta

"As such, the Lightning Network, the long-awaited Bitcoin overlay network for cheap and instant transactions, is by many of its developers considered safe enough to use on Bitcoin’s mainnet: a major milestone for the technology that has been years in the making. This is the story so far."

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How to Open a MakerDAO CDP and Earn Interest on Compound—A Walkthrough Guide

"How to use decentralize finance protocols to increase interest from your cryptoasset holdings."

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Explaining of ERC-721o

"Recently we have released our open source proposal for a derivative token standard: ERC-721o. In this article, we explain the standard for non-financial people and also will explain why derivatives are such a large and interesting market."

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5 Differences between Cosmos & Polkadot

"Although there are many posts explaining and highlighting the differences between the two, I believe most “Cosmos vs Polkadot” posts today are either biased or lack nuance. This blog post is an attempt to create a deeper discussion about the two projects, from architectural trade-offs to philosophical differences."

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Lightning is Only the Beginning: The Emerging Bitcoin Stack

"For the past year or two, Bitcoin’s lightning network has been one of the most closely watched developments in the crypto industry and while I’m very excited about the new possibilities enabled by the Lightning Network, I can’t help but ask: What about the other layers?!"

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Transacting Bitcoin-based P2P Derivatives

"A forward contract is a type of derivative that represents a bilateral agreement to buy or sell an asset at a specific price (the “forward rate”) at a predetermined date in the future, usually to strategically hedge against price changes. The forward rate is a mutually agreed upon fair price at settlement, that takes into account factors like the spot price at the creation of the contract, growth from interest rates, and cost of storage. Forward contracts are handled between two parties, usually without the need for an exchange or clearing house, so both parties must trust each other to meet the terms of the agreement."

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Understanding Zero-knowledge proofs through illustrated examples

"In cryptography, zero knowledge proofs let you convince me that you know something, or have done something, without revealing to me what your secret thing was."

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Hummingbot vs Uniswap: Two approaches to liquidity

"Since both Hummingbot and Uniswap are both open source projects that allow users to make money by providing liquidity, many people have asked how they compare to each other. Below, we shed more light on their similarities and differences and explain why the two projects are highly complementary."

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Blockchain and State Explosion

"If Layer 1 should be focused on state rather than computation, then we need to understand what the state of the blockchain is when designing Layer 1. Only by understanding what the state is, can we understand what the state explosion is."

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On Collusion

"Over the last few years there has been an increasing interest in using deliberately engineered economic incentives and mechanism design to align behavior of participants in various contexts."

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The State of Crypto Interoperability. (Explained in Pictures).

"Firstly, it’s important to know why interoperability matters. In the existing internet, we can access and modify numerous data sets through APIs (application specific interfaces). However with blockchains, data is siloed by the chain that it exists on. So what does it mean to have interoperability?"

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Demystifying Cosmos: Atomic Swaps, Ethereum, Polkadot and the Path to Blockchain Interoperability

"To expect a multi-chain future in crypto is to expect interoperability. Currently, a few projects are working to tackle this, with the two highest-profiles ones being Cosmos and Polkadot."

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Bitcoin Timestamp Security

"Bitcoin is often referred to as a secure timestamping service. We never had a global record of truth with trustworthy timestamps, so how did this come about? It’s generally due to Proof of Work being combined to a few simple rules by which miners must abide."

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Constantinople Explained: The Tom Cruise/Cyborg Edition

"Read on for the MEW explanation and be the coolest guy or gal at your next crypto gathering."

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A look inside iqlusion’s Cosmos Hub Validator architecture

"In this post, we’d like to provide a deep dive into how we built our Cosmos validator, the experiences that shaped our decisions, and hopefully offer some general insights into how to build a high availability datacenter networks and hybrid clouds in general."

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